have been confounding Hudson Valley and cross-country audiences since 1989. Their original, zany, and imaginative verbal acrobatics and updated parodies of classic folk tunes have left onlookers laughing until they’re gasping for breath. Their satirical takes on world currents consistently hit the mark, as do their rap versions of such literary classics as Moby-Dick, Homer’s Odyssey, and Waiting for Godot.

A typical MIK & GILLES gig may include songs on subjects as diverse as the absurdity of the American non-healthcare system, the blues origins of Macbeth and Hamlet, the scant likelihood of sex after death, and the legacy of orthodox Jewish cowboys and/or whaling men. Or, you may be treated to the granddaddy of all disaster-motif songs, or an addled remembrance of a fiery night in the ’60s, or a Kabuki version of Jabberwocky, or a rendition of A Visit from St. Nicholas as it might be recited by Bram Stoker, author of Dracula.  And that’s only scraping the bottom of an apparently bottomless barrel.

MIK & GILLES have performed at festivals (Seattle’s Bumbershoot, Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival, Robert Bly’s Great Mother Festival in Maine); theaters, large halls, and small clubs; art galleries; community centers; colleges (Vassar, Wayne State University, Bard, SUNY campuses); and occasional very odd venues and events (a Navajo bar-mitzvah; a burial at sea). They have recorded three CDs and appear on several compilations, including Columbia/Legacy’s anthology album, Bring It on Home, Vol. II (awarded three stars from Rolling Stone). Individually and as a duo, they have appeared onstage with John Sebastian, Tim Hardin, Natalie Merchant, Jay Ungar & Molly Mason, Ed Sanders (The Fugs), Prof. Peter Schickele, and Allen Ginsberg, to name just a few unwitting collaborators.

For performance and booking information, contact :

Gilles Malkine PO Box 1, Olivebridge, NY 12461 (845)657-2210